The following case studies outline the popular applications of our Gatorshield® product.

Vine Training System

Vineyard StakeProblem

The majority of vineyards are trellised with either wood, t-posts, or roll formed steel sections. Approximately 10% of bent, broken or decayed stakes are replaced each year due to tough soil conditions, wind, and chemical corrosion. In some states, growers must endure costs for the removal of treated wood. Not only that, they spend money on various forms of clip or nail accessories to hang the trellising wire.


This is where years of making steel tubing and in-line coating expertise comes in. The Allied team designed a 1 ½” 16 gauge, galvanized, square tube with engineered notches along the two sides of the tube. The engineered notches effectively hold the trellising wires whiles also allowing growers to easily reposition the wires along the stake. The square tube shape has the strength to stand up in high wind conditions and is able to install in tough soil conditions. The steel is 100% recyclable while the galvanized coating provides the protection against environment thus reducing stake turnover.

Fabric Covered Buildings

Fabric Covered BuildingProblem

A North American fabric building manufacturer needed tubing that was not only strong, but fabricated without degrading the coating. They also needed a single supplier who could meet the sizing requirements of different building designs.


Allied Tube & Conduit®’s Gatorshield® in-line galvanized tubing. The availability in a number of OD and gauge combinations, used in conjunction with specific steel grades, allows the tube to meet certain strength requirements. The Gatorshield® product demonstrated its ability to be fabricated by keeping the coating intact after bending, cutting or swaging. The end result was a leaner supply chain that produces fabric buildings more efficiently. Gatorshield® tubing from Allied Tube & Conduit® is a preferred choice for fabric covered structures, since the industry’s early days for two simple reasons. First, no other tube provides the advantages that are an integral part of the Gatorshield® brand. Secondly, it is time-tested and proven in mechanical and structural applications ranging across 60+ industries.

Solar Solutions


A large commercial solar systems provider needed high strength tubing for their panel mounting structure. They also required a fully fabricated part, delivered directly to the job site.


Allied Tube & Conduit®’s Gatorshield® in-line galvanized tubing was the ideal solution for this solar systems provider. We were able to provide a large OD and heavy gauge tube using a higher carbon steel that met the customer’s specific strength requirement. With our secondary fabrication capabilities, we were able to provide a component directly to the job site that included all the mounting features for an efficient, cost effective installation. The Gatorshield® product with its smooth, consistent galvanized coating provided unmatched corrosion protection and the coating stayed intact after punching, cutting and swaging.

Greenhouse Structures

Shelter SolutionsProblem

Needed tubing that had the strength to meet the buildings structural requirements yet had the corrosion resistance for the harsh greenhouse environment.


The manufacturer found that Gatorshield® in-line galvanized steel tubing was manufactured with a unique combination of strength and corrosion resistance. Salt spray testing proved that the in-line galvanizing process and extra layer of zinc coating (when compared to the Allied Flo-coat product) made Gatorshield® the superior product in the marketplace. This blend of characteristics made it the product of choice for structural framework.

The Allied Gatorshield® product provided the strength necessary to meet the manufacturer’s structural requirements. The availability in different OD & gauge combinations allowed the manufacturer to use a specific size for their strength requirements.