Gatorshield® tubing is derived from Allied’s original Flo-Coat® product. It is manufactured using the same advanced processing technique as the original product. Gatorshield® tubing is created by adding 50% more Western grade pure zinc to the original process.

Over the years the product has benefitted from continuous advances in technologies and processes. Gatorshield® tubing provides superior levels of corrosion protection, while having the ability to be painted or powder coated for aesthetic purposes with little advance preparation. In addition to its longevity, Allied’s cold forming process delivers higher strength levels than other competitive products. The product typically carries a minimum 50ksi yield and 55ksi tensile strength.

Gatorshield® Tubing – It’s All Around You

ATVGatorshield® tubing can be found in a number of applications such as mounting solar power equipment but it can also be found in a wide variety of everyday applications including:

  • Dairy Stalls
  • Greenhouses
  • Fabric Buildings
  • Cell Towers
  • Cart Corrals
  • ATVs

Gatorshield® tubing is perfect for critical, long-lasting applications. It is fast becoming the material of choice for mounting solar power equipment.

ShapesSizesGauge Range
Round0.500" - 5.000"22(0.028") - 5(0.220")
Square0.625" - 4.000"20(0.035") - 4(0.238")
Rectangle0.750"x1.000" - 2.000"x6.000"20(0.035") - 4(0.238")
Flat-Sided Oval0.750"x1.000" - 3.000"x5.301"20(0.035") - 6(0.203")

Heavier Zinc for Even Greater Protection

Allied’s signature process produces superior corrosion resistance by utilizing a triple layer of protection. First 99.99% pure zinc is applied followed by a conversion coating. Finishing the process is a clear organic topcoat that seals in the protection and produces a smooth shiny appearance. Gatorshield® provides 50% more zinc than our standard product making it ideal for outdoor or high moisture applications.


 Flo-Coat®/Gatorshield®Hot-Dip (Schedule 40)Pre-Galvanized
Strength50 ksi30 ksi40 ksi
Coatings3 layers1 layer1-2 layers
Wall ThicknessExcellentLimitedGood
Custom Mill LengthsAny LengthLimitedAny Length
Weld FriendlinessExcellentPoorFair
Zinc Thickness ControlGoodLimitedLimited
Mechanical SuitabilityExcellentPoorGood
I.D. Weld Seam CoatingExcellentGoodPoor

Stronger Than Your Average Steel Tube

We guarantee a minimum 50 ksi yield and 55 ksi tensile on many of our products with the ability to achieve higher properties with different steel chemistry. Compared with many alternatives that demonstrate a 30 ksi yield, Gatorshield® demonstrates the unique ability to offer same strength in a ligher weight tube – up to 33% stronger!

Fabricate Without Flaking

Gatorshield® tubing is capable of being fabricated using several different methods including hole punching, cutting, flattening, bending and more without the degradation of the coatings. All of these operations can be performed without cracking, flaking or otherwise damaging the integrity of the coating.

You Can Weld Galvanized…Just Ask Our Customers

Due to its 99% pure zinc coating; Gatorshield® can be easily welded. Contrary to popular belief, all galvanized products do not perform the same with regards to welding suitability. Weld performance is an important feature of Allied’s product line and one that has made it a success in several marketplaces for 50 years.

Eliminate Scrap Drops

There is nothing standard about our mill cut lengths. We produce the lengths that are required for your specific applications. Custom mill lengths from Allied allow you to minimize the scrap generated when having to cut standard lengths of pipe products.