Allied has focused on the constant innovation of products and processes in order to deliver more to our customers. By combining our industry experience with advanced manufacturing processes we are able to offer roll form profiles as an extension of our in-line galvanized product line.

Roll-forming is a continuous in-line manufacturing process that transforms metal from a flat strip of steel coil into a shaped profile. Unlike a tube, roll-formed products have an open side.

Allied’s new roll-former provides a smooth, attractive finish, and can hold exceptionally tight tolerances and sharp contours. You have a choice of materials such as aluminum, steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel. Allied can also offer in-line powder coating in various colors, including a clear powder coat. Our new state-of-the-art equipment allows us to pass our low costs onto you.


Roll form shapes offer engineering alternatives on a variety of products such as conveyors.

As the only mechanical tube manufacturer to also have roll-forming capabilities, we offer customers the unique option of a roll-formed product line that’s perfectly matched with our tubing products. This means you receive guaranteed compatibility and improved reliability from a single source.

Our roll form shapes are produced from a higher strength of steel than industry standards giving them a 50 ksi yield and a tensile strength of 55 ksi. This enables you to use less weight and maintain the same overall strength. Another benefit of the product is its unmatched corrosion protection.

Roll Form Shapes Create Design Flexibility

Roll Form shapes can be found in a number of applications including::

  • Boat Trailers
  • Racks
  • Docks Structures
  • Jacks

A Complete Product Line

Roll form profiles are available in a variety of different shapes with various size capabilities. Please contact your Allied representative for details.

C ChannelBased on Specifications. Please Inquire.
U ChannelBased on Specifications. Please Inquire.
Hat ChannelBased on Specifications. Please Inquire.

Complete Tooling Library

16-Gauge profile

  • May be used for any similar channel application, or stiffener in vinyl products
  • Useful for building slat type shelving, tables, benches, etc.
  • Standard Packaging: 200 pieces / bundle


  • May be used for any similar channel application
  • Current application includes 9/32″ holes both sides, 1″ on-center
  • Standard Packaging: 50 pieces / bundle


Track channel

  • Rollers ride inside of channel
  • Inside Dimension held for gauge changes
  • Standard Packaging: 128 pieces / bundle


Sign Support

May be used for any similar heavy gauge “Hat” channel application


Sign Support

May be used for any similar heavy gauge “Hat” channel application

9, 11-Gauge

Delineator Post

Standard Packaging: 100 pieces / bundle

16, 18-Gauge

  • Hat Channel Section used in metal buildings
  • Typically is used to span roof or sidewall framing and supports light gauge metal panel.
  • May also be produced without .296″ return legs
  • Standard Packaging: 100 pieces / bundle


Delineator Post