The Telespar® sign support system is available with four types of posts 

  • Galvanized steel tubing with perforated holes on all four sides
  • Qwik-Punch® posts, which are made with 7/16″ knockouts, 1″ on the center of all four sides
  • Round sign system with socket and wedge
  • The MASSH-400 with a slip base for large signs

The Telespar® system is primarily designed for signpost usage but is adaptable to identification signage, parking meter posts, barricades and numerous other applications. Don’t forget to check out our Telespar® Case Studies and available Telespar® resources.

  • MASSH-400 Sign Support System

    MASSH-400 Sign Support System

    Sign support system designed to be impacted from any direction. Field fit ready with the ability to hold up to 72 sqft of sign area per post in a 90 mph wind zone. Meets MASH Test Level 3.

  • Reflective Sleeving

    This reflective sign product is designed to increase visibility of traffic signage to increase safety for drivers and pedestrians.

  • Telespar Square Sign Post

    Telespar® Square Sign Post

    The Telespar Square Sign Post is available with two types of posts: galvanized steel tubing with perforated holes on all four sides and Qwik-Punch posts which are made with knockouts on all 4 sides.

  • Telespar Round Sign Post

    Telespar® Round Sign Post

    The Telespar round sign support system with socket and wedge provides superior corrosion resistance and strength benefits, demonstrating 50ksi yield strength.

  • telespar-fasteners

    Telespar® Accessories

    The Telespar Sign Support System is complemented by a variety of compatible fittings, accessories, nuts, bolts and simple installation tools.