10 Apr 2015

Rose Acre Farms, a leading national producer of eggs and egg products recently approached Allied looking to utilize Allied’s galvanized tubing as perch stands throughout their egg laying facilities.

Searching for a tube product that was strong and durable that would stand up to the corrosive nature of bird droppings, Allied Mechanical’s District Sales Manager Ron Chalos proposed using one of Allied’s value-added products – diamond embossing, applied to our 1.315 round tubing.

Chalos commented, “Along with providing a product that stands up to the environmental issues, the Allied product also offered Rose Acre Farms an embossed product that gave the birds a surface that offered a safer surface for the birds versus the industry standard smooth surface that can lead to slippage.  An added benefit offered by the embossed material was that it would help clean the bird’s feet as they use the perch tubes”.

Jeff Hunt, Allied’s Value Added Sales Manager says that situations like Rose Acre Farms provide a distinct opportunity for the Allied team.  “Scenarios like the Rose Acre Farms solution provide a forum for our team to hear firsthand the issues out in the field and then offer product solutions for our customers”.