The following case studies outline popular application of Flo-Coat®.

Commercial Playgrounds


Paint and powder coating is cracking and flaking on uncoated and primed tube, limiting the useful life of the playground components.


Flo-Coat® in-line galvanized steel tubing from Allied Tube & Conduit®. The Flo-Coat® product was introduces to the customer’s technical staff, showcasing the benefits of the in-line galvanized process on corrosion resistance and inter-coat adhesion. Powder coating over Allied’s galvanized steel tubing provides at least five times greater corrosion resistance than powder coating over uncoated steel. The Flo-Coat® tube continues to provide protection in the event the powder coating or paint becomes chipped pr scratched.

Today, Allied‘s Flo-Coat® is an industry standard for the highest quality playground systems. The result has been long lasting play components and a safe play environment.

Advantages of Flo-Coat® Tubing include:

  • CPSIA compliant for present and future requirements
  • Excellent Strength
  • Unsurpassed Corrosion Protection
  • Ease of Fabrication (bending, welding, swaging)
  • Large Portfolio of Sizes Used by the Industry

Example: Salt spray results of powder over Flo-Coat® versus powder over zinc primer

Playground Comparison

Conveyor Rollers


A North American conveyor manufacturer was seeking a tube with a precision fit inside diameter to ensure that its conveyor system runs properly. Mechanical tube alternatives in the market did not adhere to required inside diameter tolerances creating an inconsistent roller and roller noise.


Allied Tube & Conduit®’s Flo-Coat® in-line galvanized tubing. Allied Tube & Conduit® engineers devised methods to perform inside diameter control on our line of Flo-Coat® galvanized tubing, thus providing a remedy for conveyor roll applications. Due to control of the inside diameter the tolerance variation shifts to the outside diameter of the tube. This ensures a precise bearing fit. The end result is a better operating conveyor system with increased package handling efficiency.