The following case studies walk you through how Telespar® has been used in its most popular applications.

Traffic Barricades

Telespar<sup>®</sup> Traffic Baricade” width=”200″ height=”183″ />Problem</strong></p>
<p>Company was looking for a high-strength yet safe temporary barricade.</p>
<p>Telespar<sup>®</sup> Type lll Barricades were utilized to provide a temporary barrier that was still crashworthy. The signs were yielding and able to breakaway on impact causing minimal damage to the impacting vehicle. The signs were in good enough condition to be re-used after the collision.</p>
<p>Telespar<sup>®</sup> Type lll Barricades are:</p>
<li>Easily stores, transported and installed</li>
<li>Has detachable legs</li>
<li>Requires no welding</li>
<h2>Temporary Sign Skids</h2>
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Temporary signage taking too long to assemble and dismantle.


Telespar® Temporary Sign Skids were brought in because of their ease of assembly and maneuverability. The workers were pleased with pre-assembled kits and pre-manufactured components. Since the posts don’t need to be driven into the ground, they were able to be assembled quickly. The adjustable base and telescoping height made them available for multiple uses.

Telespar® temporary sign skids can help you get the job done quicker and more efficiently. This easy to to assemble, simple to maneuver system, enables you to set up and reposition your signage quickly, allowing more time for performing the task at hand.

Telespar® Temporary Sign Skids are:

  • Easy to assemble (pre-assembled kits)
  • Pre-manufactured components
  • Eliminates the need to drive posts into the ground

Multi-Directional Traffic Signage

Telespar<sup srcset=® Stop Sign” width=”300″ height=”300″ />Problem

Mounting multi-directional traffic signage requires too many posts and costs too much for installation.


Telespar® Sign Support Systems from Allied Tube were installed. Telespar® allows you to install fewer posts to accommodate multi-directional signage. You benefit from reduced material quantities and fewer signpost obstacles. Not to mention that Telespar® provides greater torsional stability and is a safer installation alternative.