For a number of years, Allied’s Flo-Coat® and Gatorshield® steel tubing products have been commonly used in the communication industry.

Whether it’s a mounting pole for a satellite dish or a cut-to-length component for a communication tower, Allied has your needs covered. Our in-line galvanized tubing offers superior corrosion resistance while offering the formability and needed strength to support your products.

Access Floors

Because of the cold working, heating, and quenching of our tubing, our in-line galvanized steel tubing products exhibit greater strength characteristics typically required for the pedestals used for access floors. Allied products offer excellent structural rigidity and superior load carrying capacity. We offer a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your needs.

SatelliSatellite Poleste Poles

Optimize your ground dish mount with Allied’s Gatorshield® steel tubing. We are the preferred vendor for some of the leading satellite dish manufacturers. Our long lasting triple layer of corrosion protection is ideal for outdoor and high-moisture applications.  The excellent strength and driveability of our round tubular product make it an ideal choice for satellite poles. Installations are easier since our product is easy to form, flatten and swage.


CoCommunication Towermmunication Towers

Allied’s in-line galvanized steel tubing with Gatorshield® protection eliminates extra processes and freight that is associated with hot dip products. Gatorshield® lasts longer in outdoor environments because of the heavier layer of zinc that is applied.  The Gatorshield® products are offered in a large portfolio of sizes that can be cut-to-length and are easy to fabricate. Our products can be bent, flattened and/or swaged without sacrificing the integrity of the coatings.