lineshaft-conveyor-systemAllied Tube & Conduit® – The Only Tube for Your Conveyor System

Allied Tube & Conduit® has a long-standing track in the conveyor industry, producing millions of feet of tubing for roller conveyors. We not only manufacture our tube to conveyor specifications, but we also produce our tubing from the “inside-out.” This has solved a problem for many conveyor manufacturers.

Conveyor Manufacturers Challenge

Several conveyor manufacturers need a tube with a precise inside diameter to ensure exact bearing fit and for conveyor system to runs properly. Mechanical tube alternatives in the conveyor market do not adhere to required inside diameter tolerances creating an inconsistent conveyor roller and a poorly performing conveyor system.

Allied Tube & Conduit®’s Solution

Allied Tube & Conduit®’s Flo-Coat® in-line galvanized tube solves this issue. Over the years our engineers developed a method to perform inside diameter control on our in-line of Flo-Coat® galvanized tubing, thus providing a remedy for conveyor roll applications. Due to the control of the inside diameter the tolerance variation shifts to the outside diameter of the tube. This ensures a precise bearing fit. The end result is a better operating conveyor system with increased package handling efficiency. For extreme bearing fit requirements, I.D. flash control is also available.

Our Flo-Coat® in-line galvanized tubing provides advanced levels of corrosion protection while maintaining a smooth, shiny appearance due to the clear organic topcoat.


Features and Benefits

Advanced Topcoat – The clear organic topcoat seals in the protection producing a smooth, shiny appearance.

Tight O.D. and Ovality Tolerances – Provides lower TIR readings and quieter conveyor systems; allows systems to run at higher speeds.

Tighter Steel Gauge tolerances – Provides a superior bearing fit

Available Tube Sizes – ½”-5″ O.D., including 50mm and 60mm. We also stock common conveyor tubing sizes and are readily available.

Fabrication – Ease and consistency with roll-grooving. Cutting services are also available for supplying pre-cut conveyor tubing to desired lengths and tighter length tolerances

Why engineer your conveyor system around a tube when we engineer our tube for your system! Contact us today for a quote or for more information on our tube for conveyor rollers.