Gatorshield® galvanized tubing is the standard of excellence and product of choice for fabric covered structures.


One of the most critical components of a fabric covered shelter is the structural framework. No other tube on the market can offer the strength, corrosion protection and formability of Gatorshield®. Our tube meets the yield, tensile, elongation and wall thickness requirements for ASTM A500 Grade C structural tubing which meet the engineering requirements of the A660 Canadian Building Code for fabric covered structures.


Gatorshield® Advantages

  • Unsurpassed Corrosion Protection – Gatorshield® is more resistant to rust than any competitive tube product. The Flo-Coat® process makes the difference!
  • Strength – Minimum 50,000* psi yield strength and 55,000* psi tensile strength provide the ultimate in structural integrity
  • Weld Friendliness – Due to its 99.99% pure zinc coating; Gatorshield® can be easily and safely welded.
  • Ease of Fabrication – Gatorshield® is capable of extreme fabrication without cracking, flaking or otherwise damaging the coatings.
  • Appearance – The clear organic topcoat that seals in the protection produces a smooth shiny appearance.

*Applicable to products 15 gauge and heavier

Gatorshield® Outperforms its Competition in Multiple Categories

FabricationThe composition and controlled thickness of Gatorshield® allows the tube to undergo severe fabrication without flaking the zinc coatingManufacturing process can cause small blisters which can result in surface defects in powder coating and flake in fabrication. Top coating, if offered, is also subject to cracking during fabrication.The inherent alloy compositions and configurations of HDG make it hard and brittle. Severe fractures can occur during fabrication and can cause the zinc coating to flakeCan be readily fabricated
AppearanceSmooth, shiny coating that will prevent premature tarp wearPoor coating coverage can lead to dull or inferior aesthetic appearance. If supplied as galvalume aluminum, very visibly inherent issue as it transfers to the often white cover as black rub marks.The surface of HDG has a “frost-flower” or “spangled” pattern. It quickly oxidizes or “grays down” and white rust rapidly forms. Rough surface increases tarp wear.Appearance can be very good initially, but any exposed surface damage will cause rapid rust formation
Corrosion ProtectionSuperior triple coating protection covering 100% on the inside (ID) and outside diameter (OD)Does not offer full coverage due to bare ID weld seam and varying metalizing process. Only two layers of protection on the OD.Good anode cathode corrosion protection that is dependent on coating thickness and uniformity.Paint inhibits corrosion on OD but not the ID. The coating leaves the inside exposed to premature rust. Outside rusts rapidly when damaged.
PaintabilityThe clear top coat makes it easy to paint with minimal cleaningRequires special surface treatment before the application of paints or powder coatings; otherwise, proper adhesion is not obtainedCannot be readily painted without etchingMust be cleaned to SP1 (sand-blasted) to be properly coated. Lack of proper preparation reduces lifespan
StrengthMinimum 50,000* psi yield strength and 55,000* psi tensile strength provide the ultimate in structural integrityOffers only "target" yield and tensile strength, traditionally not A 500 CVariable strength parameters depending on steel used, yield strengths can range from 36,000 to 50,000 psiStrength parameters vary because most available commercial tube is non-structural

*Applicable to products 15 gauge and heavier

No other product on the market can match our Gatorshield® superior strength, reduced weight, advanced corrosion protection and formability. Accept no substitute.

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