The Tube Calculators are being revised and will be back in service as soon as possible.

(ADD back “comment out” characters after Craig’s review of calculators 9/12/22) these were hidden as of 7/19/22 awaiting Ray Z to finally supply examples of the correct data to help or vendor fix these.

Engineering calculators are provided as a useful tool in computing some basic steel tubing values. The Allied Tube in-line galvanized tube product demonstrates some unique physical properties, and as such, can provide some material weight and cost savings.

Allied calculators provide a valuable resource for engineers, designers or anyone doing any type of structural analysis. Our calculators can be used to help with simple load calculations on different Allied OD and gauges.  In addition, they are also intended to help convert from aluminum or Schedule product and also calculate the allowable loads for all Allied sizes and the section properties associated with these sizes.

Using our calculator makes it easy to help convert to the Allied product.  Our calculators easily show the allowable loads of the Allied tube sizes and how the user can down-gauge when converting to Allied product.

Compute section properties, beam load, and column load data for Allied’s in-line galvanized tube products.

Please choose one of our calculators and see how the Allied product may benefit your application.

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