10 Apr 2015

calculator-tube-substitution-schedule-pipeAllied Tube & Conduit®’s Mechanical Division recently unveiled their newly improved Engineering Calculators.

These mechanical calculators provide a valuable resource for engineers, designers and other industry professionals who are conducting any type of structural analysis.

Each calculator is designed to work on your desktop computer but also on smart phones and mobile devices. That means you can take it on the road, to a job-site, or anywhere you might want to do advanced calculations. The calculators have been further improved with an overhaul of their look and feel for simplified usage and presentation of complex data.

These calculators can be used to assist with simple load calculations on different Allied OD and gauges. In addition, they are also intended to help convert from aluminum or schedule product and also calculate the allowable loads for all Allied sizes and the section properties associated with the sizes.

Eric Mihal, Allied Mechanical Sales Engineer commented, “Using our calculators makes it easy to help convert to Allied product.  Our calculators are extremely user-friendly and easily show the allowable loads of the Allied tube sizes and how the user can down-gauge when converting to Allied product.”

To begin using the new and improved calculators or for additional product information visit https://www.atc-mechanical.com/calculators/