At Allied our mission is to reach beyond the supply of tubular products and enhance our partnership through parts fabrication and assemblies. To that end, we offer some core services that can provide our customers with the competitive edge.

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Steel Tube Fabrication

In addition to manufacturing tubular products, Allied Tube & Conduit® offers a range of special fabrication services to provide assistance with product enhancement.

Tube Laser

Tube LaserThis is a complex machine that can cut and/or etch designs into tubular and open shape products. The laser is not limited to holes, slots and/or straight end cuts. There is no hard tooling involved in running products so this opens up the possibilities of shorter runs that can be cost effective

  • Maximum bundle size: 20″ x 24″ high
  • Round O.D. Max: 6.000″
  • Square O.D. Max: 4″ sq
  • Minimum WIP Length: 132″
  • Maximum WIP Length: 324″
  • Maximum Finished Length: 252″
  • Maximum Wt/Ft: 10 lbs

When calculating WIP for the laser, please add the following to the multiple length: 6″ to any tubular product that is welded or 8″ to roll form products.

CNC Bender

CNC BenderThe CNC machine has the ability to import files from 3D CAD directly to bender controls and reduces program development time. The bender works with existing tooling. Bend multi radii in same part (draw and push rolling) offering more flexibility in bending tubes. Small or large volume, simple or complex, the bender will save time, space and money.

  • Round O.D. Max: 3.000″ 12 gauge
  • Square O.D. Max: 2.250″ 12 gauge
  • 25% faster than hydraulic bending
  • Allows for automated parts – all planes
  • Improves productivity and efficiency – reduced  cycle times
  • Improved repeatability

Draw Swager

Draw SwagerDraw Swaging gives Allied an advantage in the tubing industry with the ability to swage large squares and rectangles.

As with any ram die, the swage that is produced is smooth and free of segment lines. These machines are capable of swaging one or both ends of the tubing.

  • Square/Rectangle O.D. range: 0.625″ – 4.000″
  • Gauge range: 11 – 20 gauge
  • Tube length range: 12″ – 294″
  • Length of swage: 1″ – 7″
  • Std length tolerance: ±1/8″

Large Segment Swager

Large Segment SwagerThe large segment swager can swage round tubing as large as 5.000″ OD, and as heavy as 8 gauge. On a segment swager, the die opens to the size of the mother tube, and then squeezes the tubing down to a specific dimension. During the swaging process, some minor ridges are formed on the swaged area.

  • O.D. range: 1.315″ – 5.000″
    (*Inquire regarding smaller O.D. capabilities)
  • Square/Rectangle O.D. range: 0.625″ – 1.500″
  • Gauge range: 10 – 20*
  • Tube length range: 18″ – 288″
  • Length of swage: 1″ – 8″
  • Std length tolerance: ±1/8″

* Wall thicknesses heavier than 12 gauge (.109″ nominal may require a second pass to produce a swage longer than 4 inches.)


HavenThe Haven Tube Cutters are high-speed cutoffs that use a double cut process to re-cut tubing from mill lengths to customer-specified shorter lengths. With the Haven, there are no metal shavings to be removed after cutting. The end condition of the tubing after cutting is dimple-free with minimal burr.

  • Round O.D. range: 0.500″ – 5.000″
  • Square/Rectangle O.D. range: 0.625″ – 3.000″
  • Gauge range: 22 – 8
  • Finished length range*:
    873: 3.5″ – 120″
    875: 3.5″ – 158″
  • WIP material length: 120″ – 300″
  • Std length tolerance: ±1/16″
  • Steel types: 1008 – 1022

* Tube lengths up to 120″ (14 gauge and lighter) can be brush de-burred in-line.

Ram/Segment Swager

Ram Segment SwagerA ram swage is a fixed die that produces a smooth swage with no segment lines. The downside to a ram swage is that there is no adjustment in the tooling. If the wall thickness varies a little or if the O.D. is slightly larger or smaller, the fit of the swage will vary.

With a segment swage, there is some adjustment to accommodate variations in the weld seam height, wall thickness, and O.D. dimensions. Because the die actually opens and squeezes the tube, you do get some ridges formed on the swage. Allied has developed a taper swage that firmly seats swaged pieces when joined.

  • O.D. range: 0.706″ – 2.875″
  • Gauge range: 14 – 20 in segment mode or 16 – 20 in ram mode
  • Tube length range: 12″ – 300″ in segment mode or 18″ – 60″ in ram mode
  • Length of swage: 1″ – 3″ in either segment or ram mode
  • Std length tolerance: ±1/8″ in both segment and ram mode
  • Depending on the amount of reduction, lengths up to 300″ can swaged

Cold Saw

Scotchman Cold SawThere are two Scotchman cold saws currently in use at Allied. The primary function of these saws is to cut heavy wall tubing, especially cuts with a tight length tolerance. The Scotchman saws provide precise tolerances and leave a minimal burr. Our cold saws are also capable of cutting steel bar or rod at any angle up to 90°.

  • Round O.D. range: 0.500″ – 4.500″
  • Largest square: 4.000″ x 4.000″
  • Largest rectangle: 2.000″ x 4.000″
  • Gauge range: 4 – 16
  • WIP length range: 48″ – 288″
  • Finished length range: 1″ – 288″
  • Std length tolerance up to 10′: ±1/32″
  • Std length tolerance over 10′: ±1/16″
  • Steel types: 1008 – 1022
  • Round O.D. Range: 0.500″ – 3.500″
  • Largest Square: 3.000″ x 3.000″
  • Largest Rectangle: 2.000″ x 3.000″
  • Gauge Range: 4 – 16
  • WIP Length Range: 48″ – 288″
  • Finished Length Range: 1″ – 90″
  • Std Length Tolerance up to 10′: ±1/32″
  • Steel Types: 1008 – 1022


Allied has punch presses ranging in size from 10 tons to 125 tons. Tubular applications of the punch press include: piercing, notching, flattening, coping, punching, slotting (with or without a mandrel) and specialty re-cutting. Flat stock and plate can be stamped to produce brackets and fittings.


Capabilities include MIG and resistance welding of tubing and plate stock to produce custom parts.

Punch Press     welding

Other value-added services

  • Assembly
  • Crimping
  • Deburring
  • End Finishing
  • Expanding
  • Flaring
  • Fulfillment
  • Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Powder Coating
  • Prototyping
  • Sourcing