The Telespar® system is available with three types of posts

  • Galvanized steel tubing with perforated holes on all four sides
  • Qwik-Punch® posts, which are made with 7/16” knockouts, 1″ on the center of all four sides
  • Round sign system with socket and wedge

The tubing is produced through a unique manufacturing process that permits tubular sections of different sizes to telescope into the next larger size. It is complimented by a variety of compatible fittings accessories, nuts, bolts and simple installation tools.

The engineered system of integrated parts enables you to mount signs back-to-back and on adjacent sides. It is designed to make adjustment, reinforcement and splicing fast and easy. By utilizing a square tube, Telespar® exhibits superior wind and load capabilities and torsional stability. Telespar® is primarily designed for signpost usage but is adaptable for identification signage, parking meter posts, barricades and numerous other applications.

Using Allied Tube & Conduit®’s recommended installation method, street signs are securely fastened to posts with rivets providing greater torsional and wind load stability. Signs mounted via this method are more securely fastened and cannot easily be removed or loosened from their posts due to severe weather conditions. This differs from the bracket system commonly used with U-channel and standard post systems. These systems utilize small set screws that can be damaged or vandalized easily making replacement necessary.

Telespar® signposts are installed easily by using either a direct embedded method or breakaway anchor system. Installation can be performed by one man at ground level eliminating the need for bucket trucks and similar heavy equipment. Replacement is just as easy, having minimal tool requirements.

The Telespar® System was the first to be used effectively in a yielding breakaway concept for small sign support systems. They are FHWA approved and in compliance with AASHTO specifications.

Using Telespar® drastically cuts your material costs. Its greater strength and superior stability allow you to use single post installations, instead of U-Channel’s double post, cutting your material needs in half!