Mechanical tubing is the preferred choice for OEM applications. Our tubing has literally been designed to meet customer needs.

We offer the most complete range of standard mechanical tubing sizes available and are ready to work with you to develop custom steel tubing applications. We can create mechanical tubing solutions that offer better zinc coatings, decreased weight, longer-term corrosion resistance on interiors, and various tube strength options all handled in our factory under the careful supervision of experienced professionals.

Before we manufacture a single mechanical tube, we begin with a single purpose; making your business better.  Which means that with every customer, our manufacturing process actually begins with a learning process.  We work to understand your business and identify opportunities for fresh, creative thinking of unconventional answers.

At Allied Tube & Conduit®, our business is developing customized, business-savvy solutions that maximize profit and product performance for your business. We are the experts on how mechanical tubing can work better for you every day.

  • Gatorshield

    Gatorshield® Galvanized Steel Tubing

    Gatorshield galvanized steel tubing is derived from Allied's original Flo-Coat galvanized tubing product. It is created by adding 50% more Western grade pure zinc to the original process.

  • Gatorshield

    Gatorshield® Plus Galvanized Steel Tubing

    Gatorshield Plus galvanized tubing offers even greater corrosion protection. The product has been designed for use in straight applications in the most caustic of environments.

  • Square Fit

    Square-Fit® Steel Tubing

    Square-Fit telescoping square mechanical tubing is a versatile and cost effective choice. Its unique telescoping action gives flexibility in design and assembly of your products.

  • Tectron

    Tectron Mechanical Steel Tubing

    Tectron tubing is used in a multitude of applications. These uses range from everyday functional items to high performance products such as office furniture, cafeteria tables, ATV's, lawn mowers, etc.

  • flo-coat-process-image

    The Flo-Coat® In-Line Galvanized Process

    Allied's steel profiles comes from an inline hot-dip galvanizing process called Flo-Coat. This one-of-a-kind technique runs welded tubing through molten zinc while still on-line.