The Telespar® sign support system is available with four types of posts 

  • Galvanized steel tubing with perforated holes on all four sides
  • Qwik-Punch® posts, which are made with 7/16″ knockouts, 1″ on the center of all four sides
  • Round sign system with socket and wedge

The Telespar® system is primarily designed for signpost usage but is adaptable to identification signage, parking meter posts, barricades and numerous other applications. Don’t forget to check out our Telespar® Case Studies and available Telespar® resources.

  • Telespar Square Sign Post

    Telespar® Square Sign Post

    The Telespar Square Sign Post is available with two types of posts: galvanized steel tubing with perforated holes on all four sides and Qwik-Punch posts which are made with knockouts on all 4 sides.

  • Telespar Round Sign Post

    Telespar® Round Sign Post

    The Telespar round sign support system with socket and wedge provides superior corrosion resistance and strength benefits, demonstrating 50ksi yield strength.

  • telespar-fasteners

    Telespar® Accessories

    The Telespar Sign Support System is complemented by a variety of compatible fittings, accessories, nuts, bolts and simple installation tools.