Telespar® offers a broad portfolio of  specialty anchors. Available for square shaped signposts in various lengths and sizes as well as optional wings and fabricated triangular Slip Base bottom, we have an anchor available for every application!

Heavy Duty Anchors are designed for use with larger signposts, eliminating the need for a stiffener sleeve enabling the signpost to break on impact. These 7-gauge anchors will withstand a vehicle impact without damaging the anchor wall.

Omni-Directional Anchors help solve the problem caused by loose soil conditions for signpost installations. The Omni anchor/sleeve system, made from Telespar tubing, is designed specifically for ease of installation in these conditions. The Omni system is available as an anchor or a sleeve. The system retrofits to existing problem installations easily.

Groundhog Anchors are fabricated with an angled edge to help the anchor drive through the soil and reach the desired depth. Available in 30” and 36” lengths, the Groundhog anchor is perfect for use in tough soil conditions.

Hardware Brackets for Sign Posts

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