Allied Tube & Conduit® is proud to have breakaway systems designed specifically with safety in mind.

Tested to strict industry standards, these products are designed to allow signposts to breakaway after impact, protecting passengers from potentially dangerous situations.

Intended for use with various sized posts and installation applications, Allied Tube & Conduit® offers a comprehensive product line for your signpost needs.

  • Break-Out Signpost Couplers

    Break-Out™ Signpost Coupler

    Designed to breakaway at the score line in the coupler top, does not rely on the hardware or fasteners to breakaway upon impact

  • SafeSign Breakaway System

    SafeSign™ Breakaway System

    The SafeSign™ breakaway system is designed to withstand the normal wear-and-tear from wind and weather. The hinge and slip base system will breakaway once impacted by a vehicle.