The SafeSign™ Breakaway System

MASH Compliant

SafeSign Breakaway SystemAllied Tube & Conduit’s SafeSign™ breakaway system, designed to allow signposts to breakaway after impact, protecting passengers from potentially dangerous situations. Designed for use with 4″ square x 8 gauge posts and finished with Gatorshield® to prevent corrosion. A two post system has the ability to support a 120 ft2 sign in a 90 mph wind zone. The SafeSign™ breakaway system is designed to withstand the normal wear-and-tear from wind and weather. The hinge and slip base system will breakaway once impacted by a vehicle.

Road Sign with SafeSign Breakaway System

  • Is compliant with the new MASH standards
  • The 4” square post can be cut to length in the field, allowing for easy installation and reducing labor costs and worker roadside exposure to traffic
  • Can be impacted from any direction, breaking away to protect vehicles and passengers from harm
  • Designed so that after impact only the hardware and cylinder component of the hinge need to be replaced
  • Can hold signs commonly mounted on W6x9, W6x12, W6x15, and in some cases W8x18 beam posts

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