The history of Telespar® extends back to 1964, when state Departments of Transportation asked for a better way to support small signs. Over the past 60 years, the Telespar® sign support system has become an industry standard, a market leader, and can be found on roads across North America.

The Telespar® system is primarily designed for signpost usage but is adaptable to identification signage, parking meter posts, barricades, and numerous other applications. For more information check out our Telespar® Case Studies and available Telespar® resources.

Telespar® signposts are available in square and round shapes.

  • Telespar Square Sign Post

    Telespar® Perforated SignPosts

    The Telespar perforated sign supports enables the ability to telescope posts into the next larger size, allowing for easy installation.

  • Telespar Round Sign Post

    Telespar® Round Sign Post

    The Telespar round sign support system with socket and wedge provides superior corrosion resistance and strength benefits, demonstrating 50ksi yield strength.