10 Oct 2014

Allied’s Vineyard Stakes Team is making plans to take their Improved Vine Training System show on the road.

Recently announced Vineyard Stakes Road Show tour dates will have our Vineyard Stakes team setting up shop at many of the Wine Industries preeminent industry trade shows.

Jeff Hunt, Allied’s Value Added Sales Manager says the various trade show stops provide a distinct opportunity for the Allied team. “These events provide a forum for our team to hear firsthand the issues out in the field and then in turn offer product solutions that work for the customer”.

Allied’s Improved Vine Training Systems utilizes a 1.5″ square Gatorshield® steel tube with engineered notches, the notches help to reduce the vineyard maintenance and labor costs by eliminating the need for clips, nails or other wire attachment devices.  The square tubular galvanized stake improves drivability and offers superior strength and durability.

Allied’s Vineyard Stakes Road show Schedule is as follows:

North Coast Wine & GrapeDecember 4, 2014Santa Rosa, CA
Unified Wine & GrapeJanuary 27-29, 2015Sacramento, CA
Ontario Fruit & VegetableFebruary 18-19, 2015Niagara Falls, Ontario
Texas Wine & GrapeFebruary 19-21, 2015San Marcos, TX
Wineries UnlimitedMarch 4-5, 2015Richmond, VA
Midwest Wine & GrapeMarch 10-12, 2015St. Charles, MO
Eastern WineryMarch 17-19, 2015Syracuse, NY